Sunday, July 26, 2009

Y Mtn, Pioneer Day, and the Great Salt Lake Fly Trap

'Twas our final month in Utah, and Steve and I decided to cross some things off the list of-things-to-do-in-Utah. Steve thought it would be defining or something to graduate without hiking to the Y...

... but having satisfied that little part of his on-going rebellion against whoever it is that he rebels against, he conceded to the hike for the sake of an exercise, and the hope that I might concede to hold his hand on steep spots.

This is Steve halfway up telling me about the size of his dream beard.

He thought it would be even more defining to actually streak the whole way down.

With that checked off, we were freed up to some more local adventures. We visited the park on Pioneer Day in Provo, where we enjoyed the air conditioning of the Pioneer Museum, watching missionaries get all the free food they wanted, and listening to what must have been the rejects from the Mickey Mouse Club.

He's worth a lot more than $1000, even with inflation.

We went to Spanish Fork for Pioneer Day fireworks that night with Nate and Olivia.

Nate and Olivia and their tans.

Steve and I. Steve had loaned his tan to a friend, thus the whiteness.

And who can live years in Utah and not see the Great Salt Lake? Apparently everyone, because it smells awful and, according to Wikipedia, has a population of over one hundred billion flies. We walked close to the water front, and the flies were so numerous that one step forward caused a ripple effect for dozens of feet in all directions as the displaced flies spread out, displacing more flies, etc. And there were a lot of dead sea gulls. Don't drink the water.

Steve wondering if he holds his mouth like this long enough, would it get stuck?

The little man just balances on my thumb, I didn't even have to try.

Most of our list is crossed off for Utah, everything except leaving Utah for anywhere non-Utah. We are way excited about moving out of Provo on Friday. Only four more days!