Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Zombie Croquet

Zombie croquet is neither morbid or a past time for remixed Jane Austen characters. It happens to be a fun way to make croquet intense for really great players and really terrible players alike. We had fun sharing our version of the game recently with Mannie and TJat. We also were privileged with Grandma Sarah visit, and had a lovely time at Provo Beach, Los Hermanos, and just sitting and visiting with family while she was here. We learned that Creedo is terrified of carousels, can make zombie noises on command, and can hiss when asked what noise a snake makes. Thanks for making the effort to say hello to all of our recent visitors! We love seeing everyone as they stop through the area.

In Creedence news, he is a whopping 14 months, which means he gets to go nursery in our ward. Day one didn't go over too well, and he woke up the next day with a cold he's had for two weeks now, so I don't think I'll be rushing into that one again soon. He is parroting noises like crazy. The other day he said " Light-bulb!" like Gru from Despicable Me. He understands more and more words each day, and loves to play the "Where is the....(fridge, light, plant, window, etc)?" game. We have fun with it too- Steve taught him to point to the London Calling poster hanging in the studio room when asked "Where is The Clash?" He loves to play with the other kids outside, and is still fascinated with dogs and birds and OK GO music videos.  His climbing is awesome, so the chairs stay on top of the table unless we're sitting in them. He's grown up in a hundred little ways. His crib is taken down and put away, which might of been sentimental if he had used it much. He eats in a booster at the table now, so the high chair is out of service. We are in full toddler mode now!