Sunday, October 31, 2010

Cowboy Creedence (finally, Halloween coverage)

Here is the Halloween wrap-up. Enjoy, y'all!

Pumpkin Carving
I love all the seasonal flavors of this time of year- the pumpkin pie shakes, the pumpkin pie cream cheese (trust me), the pumpkin pie. I'm glad to see that Creedence is on board.

No, not looking inside- he's eating it.

Classic Cars Trunk or Treat in St. George

Will sit here looking adorable for food

Cowboy Creedence, in costume, at a trunk or treat in St. George with Haynie fam

The cowboy lost his charm pretty quickly, poor guy

Ward Halloween Party:

Feeding ol' Stick Horse

Another pumpkin! Yum!

Alright Stick Horse, I know... I'll wait till after dinner.

At Mom-n-Tots Halloween Playgroup:

The lone ranger... does not play with the girls at playgroup.

The good, the bad, and the baby

And last but not least, my annual Steve the Zombie Killa creation:

October picture fest

October has gone the way of Creedence's attitude towards taking naps (which is to say, its over). We have stayed busy, every weekend is packed with fun stuff for Creedence and I, and a little fun stuff for Steve, as he remains pretty loaded with school work. I've been busy with Creedence and with some freelance gigs as a copywriter. Its a new thing for me, and so far so good. It works out really well for me to remain the stay-at-home-but-not-really-because-we-like-to-go-out-and-play-Mom.

The Funny New Things of Creedo:
He has picked up this adorable new thing where he reaches out his little chubby fist salute-style, tilts his head back, squints his eyes and just grins. So cute! I can't get over it. I eat it up.
Walking is on the horizon. He can pull himself up to standing off anything- pant legs, walls, sofas, dresser. He loves to stand and most times will straighten his legs if you try to put him down to sit.

Halloween pictures will come soon after- I promise. Here is a month's worth of share-worthy pictures- enjoy.

Visit during General Conference from Grandpa Haynies

Visit from Aunt Sadie. Doesn't she look great?

Girls are weird, mom...

Get together on campus with old roommates, Kirsten and Chelsea and baby Claire.

Sixth month photo ops! See the rest of the pics from this shoot on facebook.

Trip up to Rexburg ID for Adam and Jocelyn's beautiful sealing. Big Creedence fans, those Sevy's.

Squinting together outside the temple. Creedence loves to imitate faces.
With Uncle Matt in Rexburg- we sincerely hope that his tongue will one day be proportionate to his body.

Feeding horses with JoAnn Sevy in Rexburg. They were so awesome to let us stay with them during the wedding festivities.

Another father-son animal bonding moment, brought to you by not me.