Friday, August 26, 2011

Who's the baby now?

The baby is SUPER active. I've been feeling it for a couple weeks, and its easily felt from the outside now as well. My hopes of a laidback second kiddo are dimming. We find out the gender on Sep. 13th. The poll is open...
Creedence will "give the baby a hug" now and give my tummy a squnch (spell checker has obviously never watched Hook). In addition to being adorable when he does that, he can also get shoes for me and put things in the garbage, and occasionally even put a toy away. He has also learned the words "no!" and "mine!" which were pretty cute for about three days.
Here are some pics from the last couple weeks of summer:
 Serious face. He does this, where he lowers his eyes and looks at you from under his non-existant eyebrows while making his cheeks big, on command (when he feels like performing, of course).
 He uses the drawers as personal cafeterias, food storage, toy storage, and stairs to get to the stuff he shouldn't be getting to.
 First rodeo! He was excited about the horses when they all came out for a warm up, but was over it by the time the events started. 
 Trying to stay interested...
 He looks like a big boy, no?
 Our complex had an end-of-summer bash. They went all out with BBQ, an outdoor movie, and a popcorn machine! Creedo can not get enough of hanging out with the big kids.

Did I mention my sister Jazzy had a fabulous wedding in San Antonio and snagged a great guy? Well, she did. We are so happy for the new couple! 
 He only takes kisses, never gives.