Thursday, September 25, 2008

new creation...

This was an extra credit project I made for my Temples class this summer.
This is entirely of temples that are important to Steve and I: San Diego, Provo, Salt Lake, San Antonio, and Madrid. Steve and I are in a couple of these ones, good luck finding us!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

look alikes

They say that as time goes by, married couples tend to look more and more like each other.
There are many theories on this. Common ones suggest elements that develop over time, such as years of similar exposure to the same standard of life, nutrition, experiences and empathy. Other studies show that the look- alike process begins far before the 50th wedding anniversary. Resemblance has been found to be a desirable factor in dating couples, according to patterns where most women dated men who resemble their fathers (meaning a similar genetic structure from the get- go).
They say that you can even tell how successful a marriage is based on how the wrinkles on the couples' faces end up. Happier couples accustomed to smiling have more lines around the mouth, while a lack of smile crinkles and a tradition of frowning can show up after years in the development of facial muscle, literally changing the shape of the face.

This couple may have had some hard times.
Steve and I are already preparing for the day when we can try to pass as identical twins. We have a tendency from time to time to put on matching outfits. Don't ask him, he'll probably deny it, but its true.

It could be worse though. It could always be worse.