Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Who needs lions and tigers?

Creedo was a panda for Halloween. Excuse me, a "panda!!!" rather, because Creedo only says the word with intense, kung-fu enthusiasm. The costume I made was a bit snug (ok, way snug) Turns out Creedo has plenty of his own stuffing and needed none of the additional fluff I added to make it look more cub-like. Steve, toting around the camera, claimed at one point to have dressed up like a photojournalist. Baby sister decided to wear her mom for Halloween, and I went along with it.

We kicked off the festivities with a Lil' Boo Bash for the littles and their respective bigs to come out and show off their adorableness. Thanks to Rebecca and Sadie for the help!

It was hard for me to appreciate how awesome this Superman costume was because I get stuck just loving the hair! This little guy's mom and sister were lovely fairies too. 

Not the best of pics, but these two fun neighbor fairies were having way too much fun to pose for the camera. 

This little one is five weeks old and the cuddliest guy ever. 

 C loved this girl's pumpkin outfit. The first couple minutes after she arrived he kept pulling me over to look at her with him. 

 This little friend was Glenda the Good Witch and her mom was Dorothy (she made her dress without a pattern!)

 Too cute to eat- a Candy Corn. 

 Sadie and Miriam. They make eating candy look good. 

 Apples+marshmallows+PB= a really gruesome-looking mouth. Be sure to floss, kids. 

A cupcake. She couldn't really move in the costume, but who needs to move when everyone wants to fawn over you?

Later, after a sugar crash and a good nap, we went over to a neighbor's Halloween party. En masse, the party began trick-or-treating the neighborhood. Steve was the master trick-or-treater, ensuring that he would get a good haul out of Creedo's candy bag. 

Creedo was more interested in knocking and leaving, but once he did get the hang of letting people give him candy, he wanted to eat each piece right then instead of putting it away for us to eat later (smart boy). 

This skeleton was the only guy Creedo was afraid of. This house also had strobe lights and thumping creepy music, so it was a little intimidating, but he made it!