Saturday, March 19, 2011

Cousin Friends

We've been lucky to see a lot of cool people lately. 
We went to Matt (Steve's brother) and Annie's wedding in CA last month, and then the party came up here from to our house for a couple of days. Fun? Yes, we love having lots of fun people visit. Not boring people. Fun people. And thats who we had. Here are some great shots of the past month or so, between the CA trip, visits, and birthday celebrations, that shows off how cool cousins are. Wish we had taken more...

Cousins Brayden and Creedo decked out in their wedding outfits. They are smiling because cousin Kaitlyn is providing some great in-car entertainment. I love how they tried to make the faces she was making. Brayden is six weeks younger than Creedence, is constantly smiling, and it seems he only gets upset if you don't feed him fast enough. That boy can eat. 

At our place in Provo, playing in the snow. 

All of Creedo's cousins on Mom's side. They weren't that interested in each other or the picture, but one day...

One is a Big Deal: The Pictures

 Rite of passage
 The afternoon was so nice, one of the real spring days, so the party moved outside. 

 Aunts "Hot Pants" Eli and Sadie "Boot Kicker"
 Aunt Sadie with Creedo.
 These two outlets fascinate Creedo. He likes to poke at them, with keys, with sticks, with toys.
Belly circumference: 22 inches. Just curious. 

Saturday, March 12, 2011

One is a Big Deal

Creedence is (almost) one. One. ONE!
I am not going to say how fast time has flown, because I think I've had more loooong days this past year than any other year of my life. While looking back on pictures is good practice for my emotional control, I do not wish he were little still. I do not wish he were a newborn, because I like how fun he is now. He is so fun!
Latest developments:
Forward facing big kid car seat! He still resists and protests being buckled, but as long as the car is moving or he has some entertainment, we're fine. I like to look in the rear-view and see him bobbing his head to music or waving his fat fingers at me.
Another new word: Book! He says it like its German or Arabic though, so its like boo-khghhh. He also says hot! (an its always with an exclamation), toh! (he says hot backwards a lot too), dat! (always with pointing fingers) and some occasional mamas and dadas. We're working on "uno," "thank you," and "you are forgiven."
Food tastes have really diversified. Last night he was snarfing chicken enchiladas. He was holding his little bowl up to his face and lapping it up. Right now our trick is to give him his own bowl and spoon of something while feeding him, and he'll be so focused on trying to use the utensil that he'll forget to protest his dinner. He really likes crackers, toast, PBJs, fruits (esp. bananas, clementines, grapefruit and frozen blueberries), quesadillas, Steve's version of pancakes/waffles, and occasionally he goes for pasta noodles with vigor, but not every time.
He's into: fake laughing, growling (I once thought there was a man in the house while I was showering- turns out it was just Creedence just growling at his cars), getting stuck by trying to climb in and out of open drawers or accidently closing doors on himself so he's trapped in a room, hanging out with his cool parents and friends, keeping up with the big kids at the park, bubbles, playing in the dirt, and he still loves reading books.
Here's how the birthday party went: