Monday, January 4, 2010

2009 S & M Awards (updated)

Dearest reader-
Happy New Year! 2010, the year of the tiger, biodiversity, and babies. Since Steve and I have been holing out in various locations over the past years, the blogs of our many friendlies have been lovely ways to stay connected, entertained, and involved with the happenings of our distant loved ones. We would like to honor our friendlies list with the following awards commemorating our local blogosphere 2009*:

AARON AND ERIN: "Sunshine Served Daily"
Blog Most Likely To Be Destroyed in a Tsunami.
We just want you to know that we would insert a PayPal donation button on our blog to save your island, in case of any isolated geographical disaster. We care about you that much. Welcome to the friendlies list.

BECKY AND BRYSON: "Come what may and love it"
Bloggers Most Likely to Become Senior Missionaries
Lovely blog, very sincere and genuine. Has potential to make you a better person just by reading it.

CHAELA: "Life in Stereo"
Best Blog to Read While Hungry
Graphic interest, pop culture humor, clips of Community: always something there to excite me (name that jingle). Good work, Sister McDonald.

DAVIS: "Davisbeat"
Almost Too Busy Being Almost Famous to Blog
We know you too have got a lot going on, and its OK that you don't go online with it. It makes us have to actually talk to people. We are always happy to hear about you two and the little one.

CHELSEA AND JOSH: "Cause You Gotta Do Something..."
Bloggers Most Likely to Be Doing Something Somewhere Besides Their Blog
Same as with the Davis', you make us talk to people (and sometimes even you!) to get the scoop. Maybe having your own baby pictures to put up will project you into the blogging world. We're very excited for your family.

CRANES: "The News Goes On 24 Hours A Day"
Best Metablog and Use of Links
In Xanadu did Kubla Khan a stately pleasure-dome decree... I wonder what the Crane blog would look like if they were to catalogue C.F.K's treasures. My guess is a vastly interconnected wiki. Here's to looking forward to following their forthcoming adventures ("A toast, Jedediah; to love on my own terms.")

BRETT AND KIRSTEN: "Everyday Love"
Blog Too Sweet For Chocolate Anyways
Enjoyed the picture montages and watching this turn into a family blog, full of domesticity and marital bliss. Did the DIY dye job turn out? I'm staying tuned.

KINSEY: What a Wonderful World
Most Engaging Use of Exclamation Points
No drinks needed, her cup already overfloweth on it's own.

MERCEDES: The Johnsons
Best Blog: Tween Division
Seriously, looking good for being under 13 years old.

NATAUSHA: Take Me There
Take me where?
Blogging isn't for everyone, but I'll keep checking in 2010 just in case.

NATE AND OLIVIA: Nate Hearts Liv
Blog Most Likely Used for Emotional Release
I'm glad we're on your good side. Forever 21 seriously needs to start carrying maternity clothes if they want to survive this depression.

Most Likely to Kiss and Post
Between here and Facebook, there is a clear pattern of see sign, kiss spouse, post online. Maybe 2010 is the year of romantic road signs? or funny billboards?

POLSONS: 1 Man and Three Little Ladies
1 Invisible Man and Three Little Ladies.
We know and love Jason, but the truth is that we like seeing pictures of LaLa and Emily even more. Lisa knows what she's doing here.

RACHEL AND RYAN: Virginia is For Lovers
Best Use of Small Child to Create Interest and Comments
Can't help but love Liam and the fun you all seem to be having together. I want one!

REBSTER: Pinning Down Time
Best Memorial to Petey

SYDNEY: Rocking in the Free World
Best Ad for the Goofy Movie (and other products)
I will rise up with fists! I like that I know most of the songs she quotes, and that she helps people, and that she will change the world.

Best Seasonal Backgrounds
...and cute cute family pictures. I hope your photogenic traits are genetic.

Honorary Mention: Grandma Sarah for most consistent blog checking and commenting

*2009 S&M Award Buttons forthcoming.