Saturday, December 4, 2010

Eight Months

We've entered the stage of "into everything." I thought we were already there awhile ago, when he first started moving around. But now, he is faster and stronger, and the scope of things to explore has widened. He is getting so smart too- he learns so quickly. He will test tap the baseboard heaters before playing around them to make sure they are not hot first. If something seems surprisingly hot, like clothes fresh out of the dryer, he will gingerly touch it or try to avoid it altogether. Creedence also has figured out that his Dad desperately needs him to enjoy books, so that at some point down the road, when maybe the father son thing is getting tricky, they will at least have one thing in common to talk about (besides how much they love me). So as of this week or so, he will sit still long enough to read a book or two. He likes to turn the pages himself, and there are certain pages in books he prefers and will try to find each time.

He really enjoys crawling over/under things.

Our favorite game to play with him now...


... or, at least, trying very hard to!