Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Blips on the Radar

I've tried to get more videos of Creedence lately because he changes from New Funny Thing to New Funny Thing so quickly, and I believe his funny things should be shared. In this month alone, he has changed so rapidly. He's shifted from blowing raspberries into his current "da da da/blah blah blah" noises. He can now sit up completely unsupported for as long as he feels like it, and just today he moved himself to hands and knees from sitting for the first time. His latest cool new trick (also just discovered today!) is clapping! Just a few days ago he started looking at his hands, waving them about with careful attention, and that turned into observing his fists, then fists knocking, and- ta da!- now clapping. When I get that on video I'll post it, but until then here are some other clips. All of these are taken around dinner feeding/bathtime, hence the nearly nude look.

There is nothing in his mouth here, but he's chewing hard on something, especially when the music came on.

Better than a parrot. Easier clean-up too.

Is that not a great laugh? Now go ask someone to massage your neck. If anyone knows how to change the video so it isn't sideways on Blogger without great effort, let me know.


Cara said...

Absolutely LOVE his laugh!! So cute! We miss you guys!

Sarah Haynie said...

What a wonderful treat this morning. I love having your video clips to watch. I assure you that I will watch them many times. Creedence is growing up too fast. I can't wait to see more clips. I love his laugh. Give Creedence a hug for me. Love you all.

Rachey said...

When Liam learned to clap I was so excited! He is so cute you guys, thanks for sharing the videos.