Friday, June 21, 2013

St. Louis and More

We were so excited to have Grandma H visit! C and I made a list of things to take her to, show her, and play with her while she was here and we crossed everything off. A very successful visit!
Highlight  reel:
-Trip to St. Louis to see the zoo, the Magic House, the temple, swim in our hotel pool, eat good food, and do some shopping.
- Steve and I took advantage of Grandma's babysitting offer and went on a getaway to Boonville (C did not believe that was a real place. Can't really blame him).
- Bat cave!
- Picnic at the sandy beach!
- I "trained" for and completed a 5K on the MKT trail with the support of these wonderful people
- Going Bonkers playtime
- Lots of fun book reading and popcorn eating

 Climbing the beanstalk at the Magic House
 Tunneling at the Magic House
 Inside a bubble!
 Water play
 Mr. Fix- It
 Liberating dogs at the vet's 
 Check-up with Dr. C
 Feeding sting-rays. 
 We rode the Carousel a couple times. Huge hit. 
 Viv was enamored with this huge, ancient creature.
 In the Sea Lion Tunnel!

Bat-cave explorers

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Sarah Haynie said...

I am not sure who had the most fun, Creedence and Viv or Grandma. It looks like a fun place to visit and I am sure it will be fun at the reunion. Hugs